ROLFMUN conclusion

Dieser Beitrag ist jetzt außerdem auf Englisch, angemessen an die ROLFMUN, die am Freitag den 7.6.2013 stattfand.

Alright, so here's my conclusion of the ROLFMUN. Because the ROLFMUN is actually a simulation of the real UN, we had a lot of fun "talking around the hot puree" because that is what politicians to basically. After having done that, we already found some time to talk about the important topics. One of the topics was about the ability of Rolftopia to produce its H2O for the whole world, which is really important because without the H2O of Rolftopia, everybody would basically die (Rolftopia is also the producer of all of the oceans of of of...). Heinz Helmut already concluded this topic in his blog, so I won't discuss that here. For the randomness' sake, I'll also add a list of the attendees below. Another important topic of the ROLFMUN (this topic wasn't directly related to Rolftopia) was, why school should start at 9 o'clock am, not at 7.50 am. Sadly, we only had the delegates of Rolftopia present, so we couldn't really discuss about that. So to conclude this conclusion, ROLFMUN was pretty fun this year. Sadly, the folks at OLMUN didn't have any sense of humor, so we had to exclude them from the ROLFMUN.

As I said above, here's the list of attendees:

  • Heinz Helmut (Delegate of Rolftopia)
  • Rolf Radon (Rolftopian ambassador)
  • Rolf Rolfes (Delegate of Rolftopia)
  • Rolf-Kevin (ROLFMUN staff)
  • Karl-Jerome (Administrator of Rolfing)
  • Detlef-Justin (Delegate of Rolftopia)

Alright, thanks very much for reading this small article about the ROLFMUN 2013. Hopefully we'll meet again next year, there will be cookies and also more attendees.

Detlef-Justin aka. Jan-Henrik

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Jan-Henrik Bruhn

Im Wesentlichen beschäftige ich mich hobbymäßig mit der Informatik. Kann man dann auch studieren, erstmal muss aber Abi. Das sollte man machen, mach ich auch (so wie es jetzt aussieht zumindest).